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Welcome to Platte Valley School District

The Platte Valley School District is dedicated to providing the varied educational opportunities in a safe environment for all students and staff that will challenge each individual student to strive for his fullest potential as a unique human being. Each individual may be empowered to function creatively and productively within the changing world to the degree of personal application.


Notice of School Director Vacancy

Due to a resignation from the board for an At-Large Director, the Board of Education of the Platte Valley School District, Weld Re-7 is seeking interested persons to fill the vacancy. You must be a registered voter; a resident of the school district; and have lived in the school district for twelve consecutive months in order to be considered.   


At-Large Director District shall include the entire Platte Valley School District RE-7.


 Please mail or email letters of interest to the district office at P.O. Box 485,  Kersey, CO 80644 or gmcclain@staff.pvs.k12.co.us by October 2, 2015.  The letter of interest should include why you want to serve on the Board and a resume or highlight of personal and professional accomplishments.  After receiving letters of interest the Board may select individuals to interview.   The Board will make an appointment to fill the vacancy effective October 19 but no more than 60 days.  For further information, please contact Jason Maxey, Board Vice-President or Glenn McClain, Superintendent (336-8500).

Cancellation of School Board Election

 WHEREAS, the only matter before the electors at the regular biennial school election on November 3, 2015 is the election of three persons to fill three offices of school director; and

 WHEREAS, three individuals have filed nomination petitions with sufficient signatures to qualify as candidates to fill open offices; and

 WHEREAS, the deadline for filing an affidavit of intent to be a write-in candidate has passed with NO individual(s) filing such an affidavit; and

 WHEREAS, state law at Colo. Rev. Stat. § 1-5-208(1.5) authorizes the Board of Education by resolution to cancel the election and declare the candidates elected if, at the close of business on September 1, 2015 there are not more candidates than offices to be filled at the election, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the Platte Valley School District, Weld Re-7 has determined that the prerequisites for canceling the election have been met so the 2015 regular school biennial election is canceled.

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Glenn McClain, the designated election official for the regular school biennial election, is authorized to take all necessary and appropriate steps to cancel the election, including providing notice of the cancellation by publication and by posting notice at each polling place, in the office of the designated election official and in the office of the clerk and recorder; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the designated election official shall officially notify the county clerk and recorder of this action so that election expenses to date can be pro-rated accordingly; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following individuals shall be declared elected by acclamation;

Julie Chesnut – 4 year At-Large Director; Jane E. Johnson –District B Director; and, Landon Cogburn – 2 year Director District C; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that between Election Day and the next regular meeting of the Board of Education or the Board’s organizational meeting, whichever comes first, the designated election official shall provide these candidates with certificates of election after which they shall each take the oath of office within 10 days and will thereafter be qualified to participate in meetings of the Board of Education.

  Approved this 31st day of August, 2015, by a vote of  4-0.

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