Meal Charge Policy

File: EF-E-I

School Meal Payments

The district is committed to ensuring that all students receive the nutrition they need to engage in active learning during the school day. In accordance with applicable federal guidance from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this policy is intended to serve the purposes of meeting student needs, while maintaining the fiscal integrity of the district's school food service account.

Student meal accounts and meal charges

Student meal accounts shall be established by the district.

Parents will be encouraged to pre-pay for students paying full or reduced price for meals. The district shall ensure that parents have access to at least one no-cost method of paying for meal services, such as the ability to pay in person.

Students will be permitted to pay for meals and/or add funds to student accounts on the day of service.

If a student has money to purchase a full or reduced price meal at the time of the meal service, the student must be provided a meal. The student's money may not be used to repay previously unpaid charges if the student intended to use the money to purchase that day's meal.

A meal account balance remains with the student until the student is no longer enrolled in the district. Students with unused credit in their accounts at the point of disenrollment or graduation will receive a refund, or it may be transferred to a siblings account.

Students paying full or reduced price for meals who do not have money in their account or in hand to cover the cost of a meal at the time of service will be permitted to charge a meal. However, these students will be denied permission to charge á la carte or "extra" items, such as a second milk, additional meal, additional entrée or any other a la carte items.

Students may charge up to $15.00 worth of meals. After this, the student will no longer be permitted to charge meals. Students at the maximum amount will need to provide their own lunches.

Parents will be notified that any school meal debt accrued prior to the district's determination that the student is eligible for free or reduced lunch remains the parent's responsibility. In addition, charges that place the student in a negative status are the parent's responsibility.

File: EF-E-I

Notification of low or negative balances

Notification of a low balance on a student account will be provided by emails, phone calls, or a letter being sent home.

Payment needs to be sent upon receipt of a balance due notice.

Annual notice

The district shall notify students and their parents about this policy at the beginning of each school year. Notification shall also be provided to those students who transfer into the district during the school year. This policy is included on the district and school websites, under the parent tab and the Food Services tab.

This policy will also be communicated to school and district-level staff responsible for this policy's enforcement, such as school food service staff responsible for collecting payment for meals at the point of service, staff involved in notifying families of low or negative balances, and staff involved in enforcing any other aspects of this policy.

Adopted: June 12, 2017

LEGAL REF. USDA Guidance SP 46-2016