Health Office

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Please remember to bring paper copies of any new vaccinations your child receives to the health office. You can also have your doctor's office fax them to us. If your student(s) have a personal waiver for vaccines, they must be renewed every new school year.

If your phone number has changed, please notify the front office in case there is an emergency.

WE ARE IN NEED OF A FEW GOOD PANTS!! Please send boys and girls gently used pants, sweatpants and jeans to the health office. We really need some back up clothes for our students.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Amber Guillot RN

Health  Staff:

School Nurse:
Amber Guillot RN, BSN
fax: 970-336-8635

Health Aide:
Barry Nelson
fax: 970-336-8538